Running Excitment

Had another awesome run today!  It was supposed to be a nice easy slow, post long run, pace.  But, the pace that felt good was faster than normal.  Every time I tired to slow it down I felt terrible so I just kept going at what felt good. 

4 miles and it felt so easy!
I have been conducting an experiment with my Boost shoes.  Running without any blister prevention, no spray/powder/band aids.  Unheard of!  My findings so far…zero hot spots or blister issues.  Granted I haven’t done more than 5 miles, but in my other shoes the hot spots start up on 3 mile runs.  I’m not willing to test it on a super long run until after the 1/2…just too close to race day to risk it.  But, I can’t wait to do a 10 miler without all the blister prevention time suck pre-run! 
That’s great news because that means there is a shoe that is perfect for me!!!  It’s not great because they are the most expensive shoes possible.  Of course I have expensive taste.  At least I’m not running full marathons, so I’m not adding miles to them as fast as I could be. 
Speaking of expensive have you seen the new Garmin 620?! 

Check out what this watch can do!!! CLICK HERE

It’s the next best thing to having your own personal running coach. Forerunner 620 offers advanced features like recovery advisor, race predictor and VO2 max estimate to help you train smarter and achieve new race goals. When used with the HRM-Run monitor¹, the 620 also provides feedback on running form by showing your cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation. For indoor training, the 620’s built-in accelerometer tracks distance, so you don’t need a separate foot pod.

I’m not going to lie, even though my watch is only a year old, I want the 620 bad.  I love that it tracks your cadence, ground contact time, tells you when you should take a rest day, and offers training plans.  All the benefits of a coach without someone telling you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  I don’t like being told what to do at all.  I know what I need to do, but love the idea of having a watch that gives me prods while running!  It’s got a hefty price tag though.  $450 with the monitor.  YIKES!  I’m hopeful that by the time I save my money over the next few years that the price will have come down a bit.  Might be able to get a used one by then too, or get a job with Garmin.  😉  (No that’s not a hint that I have anything in the works, just wishful thinking for the future.  I have a very short target list of jobs/companies and they all have to do with running or coffee!) 

Something I can afford though, thank you Dad, is new cold weather running tights!  They should be here any day and will post a picture as soon as I have them.  You can check theme out HERE in the mean time.  I also know what long sleeve top I’m getting on discount at Diva night Thursday, so will post pics of the whole outfit! 

I can also afford, again Thank You Dad, some race registrations.  Especially when I get the early bird screaming deals!!!  St. Paddy’s Day 5K for $17 and the Whidbey Island Half Marathon for $29!!  Holy cow you can’t run 1/2’s around here for that price!  It’s the 13th anniversary though so they rolled back the price to the price 13 years ago.  Elya and I jumped on that!  Since it’s near my birthday Mark was on board for us affording the lodging as my birthday gift and making it a family trip with Elya and her family!  I’m hoping we can find a house or cabin to split with them.  I’m sure the options are limited on the island so we had better get on that pronto!

I now have races on the books for March, April, and May!!!  Just a few weeks ago I was sad because I had no idea what my 2014 race life would look like, and now it’s starting to take shape! 

Something else I’m excited about…

…Sky, just wanting to hang out in bed and giggle.  She loves to lay on our bed, and sometimes she wants to be left alone, but more often than not she wants company.  We have great conversations and lot’s of cuddles.  Even when she is having a bad day, and is hitting/biting/crying about everything deep down I know she has a heart full of love and all she really wants is my/our full attention, and to know we love her back.  Love this little girl so much! 

What races do you have on the books for 2014?

What running gear are you craving?



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