Sporty Spice

First a shout out to my cousin Tracy…she ran her very first 5K today!!!  I am so proud of her and so excited to run a race with her in the near future! 

I’m for sure way more Sporty Spice than Posh Spice!  Especially since becoming a SAHM.  Running cloths, sweats, and compression socks are way more practical and let’s face it way, way, way more comfortable!  I remember fighting it the first 6 months or so.  I even told my Mom I don’t want to be thought of as the gym mom, but apparently being thought of as the running mom is A OK! 

Because my Posh Spice shoes were not being worn very often, ok more like never, I decided to do this.

It only took me two years of being irritated about having to dust my high heels/fancy shoes to come up with this solution!  Whey didn’t I think of this a long time ago?  And why didn’t I take the labels off the bins?!  I don’t know if they are going to stay on the shoe rack or move to the upper shelf of the closet, but at least they are in dust-proof boxes for now.  BTW Fred Meyer has the bins for $1 each right now! 

I’m not apposed to my heels, I love them all actually.  But, now that I’m not leaving the house for work every day (had to dress up for work) and not going out for drinks after work, I just don’t need to dress up very often. Plus, when I do wear them I feel it in my running the next day.  My hips, knees, and feet just don’t love the high heels.  I care more about being able to run 13.1 than I do about wearing sexy shoes.

I did put a pair on in Utah though, for our grown up dinner night when the 4 of us left the kiddos with the babysitter and lived it up, until like 8pm.  Vacation Posh Spice right there!

Actually for Marks sake I put on make-up, do my hair, and put on something other than running/workout cloths or pj’s, at least once a week .  You know so he remembers how hot I am.  🙂

I forgot to share this from a few days ago…

…We found in Utah that Sky really loved Michelle’s Kendall.  There were kid friendly/educational apps on it that she LOVED.  We talked about how that may be a good birthday gift for her next year, but then I remembered that I had this old Ipad that came free with the last computer we purchased.  It’s too slow for me, but perfect for Sky.  So Mark put a bunch of toddler friendly apps on it and gave it to her.  Clearly she is thrilled with it! 

It’s almost scary how tech savvy little ones are! 

What Spice Girl are you?

What technology does your little one have access to?

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