I have a new cookbook that I just LOVE!!!  It’s all about one of my favorite foods in the whole world…Tacos! 

The more time I spend in the kitchen and more comfortable I become with the ethnic grocery stores the more I want to branch out and cook more authentically.  This cook book is perfect for capturing true authentic flavor and is stretching my skills after only one recipe!

The pictures in this book are simple, yet beautiful, and they alone make me want to try the recipes! 

Perhaps my favorite thing about the book though is the footnote at the bottom of each recipe.  (My other favorite thing is that I got this book in Santa Barbara and is the only real souvenir we have from our trip). 

It tells you what kind of tortillas to use i.e. soft/hard, yellow/white, corn/flour (ours are always corn no matter what since Mark needs GF), what the sides/sauces should be, and what to drink i.e. red/white wine, type of tequila to use in the margarita if is calls for margarita’s, chilled/room temp wine, red/white sangria. 

It’s really easy to make a complete meal with notes at the bottom!  The only mild complaint I can come up with is there is a ton of prep work for most of the recipes.  Almost all of them call for fire roasting/dry roasting/oil roasting tomatoes/peppers/garlic/cactus etc.  I have to give myself extra time for all the prep cooking before I can actually start cooking the meal.  The first recipe I tried called for charring peppers and tomatoes, roasting garlic, and dry roasting chili peppers.  All new techniques for me.

I’m not sharing the recipe because it was a hit and a miss.  I liked it, but Mark didn’t care for it much.  I think I could change a few things so he would like it, but given how labor intensive the recipes are I would rather forge ahead and try some of the others and find some we like as they are.

I’m excited to learn and grow in my cooking with this cookbook!

Sky Update:

We started our day with a visit to the Ortho Surgeons office.  Sky was super excited about the coloring table, but she was not thrilled with being back at the Dr.  Thankfully he didn’t even have to touch her today.  Just wanted to review the x-ray’s, the game plan, and ask a few questions about how she is doing. 

We go back in 3 weeks to take the cast off, thoroughly examine all her joints since they are all way flexible, and possible cast the other arm to help prevent future dislocations.

Afterwards I was able to stop by my old office and say high to a few co-workers.  It was really nice to see them!!!  While I love not clocking in and out every day I really do miss my co-workers.  It was a great group of people to work with, and be friends with! 

9 miles and I have no idea how or when it will happen this weekend.  Mark may need to work this weekend and that’s too far to push Sky, so could be an early morning run, but I’m not sure.  I’m kinda over pre 7am runs.  That’s what happens after 3 back-to-back training cycles I reach my done point and I’m getting there with alarms going off before 5am. 

Shout out to everyone running You Go Girl this weekend! 

What are your weekend plans?

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