On a day when most are remembering those lost and the hero’s that brought the nation hope I find it hard to post about “normal” life stuff. 

Instead of talking about where I was and how I felt I thought it was fitting to recognize some hero’s that are working hard today to put out the Mt. Diablo fire. 

Mt. Diablo is a part of my sisters daily running life, and it’s a special part of my running life because my first run with my sister was a few weeks ago on the mountain. 

I’m thankful they are working hard to save the mountain, homes, and lives that could be impacted by loosing everything in a fire. 

Please take a look at THIS link for more pictures of their efforts and the conditions they are working in.  It’s hot on that mountain without a fire! 

And, to echo my sister I’m shocked and disgusted that someone would break into two of the fire stations and steal their personal belongings out of their lockers.  There is a special place for despicable people like that and hope they end up there soon!

9/11/01 never forgotten. 

One thought on “Hero’s

  1. Now you can understand why I really like my job. I get to deal with that kind of criminal 12 hours a day. Believe me, there is no redeemable quality in that mentality. It is evil that the general population has no concept of. For once in their pathetic lives what goes around comes around. I call it “righteous indignation” Believe me when those same kind of criminals turn on me they really do pay. It reminds me of the old testament and the battles faught on behalf of righteousness. They were brutal,but justified. I always wait till they strike me first and then the righteousness indignation takes over.


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