The Only Way to Watch Football…

Before I do a regular post I just have to say my thoughts are with my sister, the firefighters, and all those impacted by the Mt. Diablo fire.  I can’t believe that a few weeks ago I was running right where the fire is with my sister.  So sad.

P.S. My sister and her family are safe, they can see the Mt. and the fire from their house, but are safe. 

…On the deck outside while Sky is playing = two happy girls!  Love that the TV is watchable from outside! 

What you don’t see is my feet up and the drink in my hand!

  She was so happy to be outside playing with the dog’s (we are dog sitting for the parents).
So looking forward to Mark coming home from hunting tonight.  He rode with Bob there, so his truck has been in the driveway.  The problem with that is anytime Sky sees his truck in the driveway she screams “Daddy’s Home”!  She was so mad this morning when we came home and he wasn’t here. 
We are celebrating him being home and Monday Night Football doubleheader with wine, steak, and mushroom risotto.  One of our favorite meals!  

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