Football Sunday!!!

Finally, finally, finally football season is here!!!  I’m so happy, even though I’m stuck watching Hawks or Bears.  Following my Steelers on my Steelers phone app though. 

 Watching football with her snack and juice.
Those eyes.
Yesterday we snuck out for a bit to support the Fleet Feet All Run Club BBQ, and I let Sky play at the park.  I was a little worried about her arm, but she did pretty well.  It didn’t really slow her down at all. 
Swinging is still her favorite thing!
Finished up the day with movie night with the Beckham girls.  Kiera and Sky watched Rio in the bedroom, Grace watched the Ipad in Sky’s room, and Michelle and I watched ND Football and The Great Gatsby (really good movie!) on the big TV.   
My kind of rest day(s)…football, comfort food, beer and wine, and a great movie.  I’m already feeling ready to run again! 
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!! 

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