Thankful Thursday

Today was one of those days that most people/parents would chalk up to being a $hitty day and skip the whole Thankful Thursday thing altogether. 

To say it didn’t go as planned is an understatement. 

It started with a trip to the ER at 9:30am and ended with this in a 2nd ER this evening…

Enough said right?  Wrong!!!  There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. 
My list for the day:
-The ER trip this morning was to an adult ER, since they don’t see 2 yr olds very often Sky was treated like the most special and important patient ever.  It was a hard 3 ish hours, but every single person in that ER, even the other patients, gave her special attention. 
-I was reminded that while it was hard to see her in tears for the x-rays and exams at least it was only for strained ligaments and tendons, and not something worse.  I’m so thankful that she is a healthy little girl and we weren’t there for a life threatening illness or traumatic event of some sort.
On the way home from ER trip #1 for a nap and lunch before going to ER #2.
-I’m so over the top thankful to Mark’s work/boss for not hesitating to let him come home and help out.  I don’t call him to come home vey often, but when I have needed to it has never been a problem.  I’m well aware that not everyone has such an awesome work situation. 
-Super thankful that Sky loves her Daddy so much that seeing him walk into the ER brings a smile even through the tears. 
-Really thankful that I worked for a Hospital/Health Care system for so many years.  I just don’t freak out about the whole process and have complete trust and confidence in the level of care we receive. 
-I may be the most thankful about the fact that they didn’t call CPS on me.  This was the 5th or 6th time she has had nursemaid elbow.  😦  I was a little worried. 
-Super thankful that Mary Bridge has Child Life Specialists and that we got to see them in action tonight.  So calm and helpful and brought Sky a movie that gave us a few minutes of peace. 
 Watching the movie while waiting for x-ray and ortho consult.
-Really thankful that the planned run for 4:30 am was able to bump to 12:30pm tomorrow instead! 
-And, while this is not nearly as important as the health and wellbeing of my baby, I’m super thankful that we made it home from the ER in time to watch the football game!!!  We only missed about 7 minutes of the first quarter… 
-…Which means I’m enjoying the champagne and oj I got to celebrate the official start of the NFL Season.  Yep…I watch my football in style!  Believe me after a day spent in the ER with a crying 2 yr old I am over the top thankful for a drink or 20!!!   
What are you thankful for today?


One thought on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Val and I both so very thankful to be in the position to be a benefit to those we love the most. I have two great daughters and in so many ways they are great people. I am thankful for my son in laws. Val and I both are thankful for such great grand kids who all seem to be very special people.


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