Cool Weather Running – Not Ready

I seriously can’t believe that I’m already thinking about Fall/Winter running!  When I got up the other day for a run and it was cooler and raining I was actually stumped as to what to wear.  It has been skirts and tanks for almost 4 months now. 

As much as I’m irritated by all the it’s the end of summer talk it did prompt me to take a look at my cold weather running gear.  I’ve been wearing some of the stuff long enough that it’s time to replace it and/or I’m at a point in my running life that I’m not willing to put up with stuff that does not function perfectly.  So there are some items that have been tossed. 

I was super sad to lose my favorite long sleeve, wore it on every cold run for two winters, top.  It is surprisingly still in perfect condition but it smells like a mountain goat and that’s before the run starts. 

I have my eye on this top from Lululemon:

It’s taking some hits from the customer reviews though, so I’m not totally ready to spend the money on it given some of the issues people are having. 
There are two tops in the store that I have my eye on as well, but am being patient for Diva night on the 19th.  20% off all apparel!!!  I may even be able to get new running tights as well with the discount.  My go too ones are still in good shape, but they are starting to pill a bit. 
I found these Athleta ones that I love, and it’s Athleta ones that I need to replace:
But, like I said I’m waiting for Diva night at the store.  In the meantime I’m going to go in and pre-try everything I have my eye on so I know what size and color I want so I can breeze in and grab them quick and not have to wait in dressing room lines! 
Until then I will window shop and save my pennies for the 19th!  I’m so excited for wine at the pre-party and then Nuun tini’s at the store!  Should be a fun evening with some great running ladies! 
Any must have cold weather running item that you love?

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