First Time For Everything…

I ordered a race picture for the very first time!  Normally I feel like the pics are overpriced and I look like crap in most of them. 

But, I just couldn’t resist this pic of Michelle and I finishing Tacoma Narrows Half.  So much joy after a really hard push to finish and a pr for Michelle.  When we are 80, ok when I’m 80 and she is like 71, I want to look at this pic and remember our summer of running and how much fun we had! 
In an effort to make sure we are ready for our last 1/2 of the summer we got 9 miles in this morning. 
We had 11 on the schedule, but given how little we ran on vacation we thought it best to work our way back into it slowly.  It was hard, but not as bad as I thought it would be.  12 miles next weekend and then the taper begins.  🙂
View from the golf course as we ran past.  The weather this morning was perfect for running!  Not hot, not cold and no rain.  That was nice at least even if the hills felt harder than they should have. 
Any advice for the 1/2 the end of the month given I skipped two weeks of training?  Do I try and get a few extra long runs in and shorten the taper, or just pick up the training cycle where I’m at?  I feel like I can run 13, but I want to run 13 and feel reasonably good doing it!

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