Snow Canyon

Started the day with an easy 4 miles with Michelle.  We found a paved trail than ran in and out of the neighborhood/golf course next to the condo.  It’s my first run since Mt. Diablo and I was a little scared going into it because my legs were still sore.  But, I’m happy to report that I felt great while running and nothing hurts now expect for a few toe nails.  Felt good to get back on my own turf and verify that I can still run.  I was so sore for a few days there that I was scared my legs would never work again.  🙂 

After the run we visited Snow Canyon State Park in UT.  So pretty!  I can’t wait to post some of Mark’s pics from today…the rocks are so much more red with tons of deep rich color than what my phone shows. 

Currently we are enjoying the daily thunder and lightning storm.  Relaxing at the condo, watching football, blogging, reading, and napping depending on who you are. 

 Grace and Sky in her first cowgirl hat!
 Snow Canyon State Park, UT

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