WA State to Washington Utah – Pics From The Road

I know I haven’t been blogging about it…zero internet and very sparse cell phone coverage for 7 days…but we have had/are having a great time!

A quick catch up in pics:  Mostly of Sky on the road because I know that’s what people want to see! 

Ready to leave WA and start the 6 day drive to Washington, UT

 Lots of playing with new toys/books

A Dutch Brothers coffee stop

Lot’s and lot’s of sleeping on the road

 I love how excited she gets about books!

Once we are back home I will do a post about how I packed for the road trip part, and the being in a condo for a week part of out two week vacation.  I will also share how we handled food, and the daily car care packets I made for Sky. 

P.S. – It’s a multiple post day…next up sharing time spent with family! 

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