Santa Barbara

We headed to Santa Barbara from Walnut Creek to spend time with Mark’s sister Kim and her boys.  Oh my goodness I’m in love!  The sun.  The sand.  The warm, but not too warm temperature.  The Mission(s)! 

It was my first time there and I’m can’t wait to go back!  In fact I’m saying here and now I will be running a race in SB next year!  Kim said I can stay with them any time and I have a ton of airline miles to use.  So, SB here I come! 

Kim is one of those people you can sit and talk to for hours days and never get bored.  I love every second I get to spend with her, and once again Sky loved having three older cousins to interact with/torment with love and affection.  🙂 

Mark and Sky looking at the ocean.
First thing Sky did was turn it into a nude beach.  That girl can strip her cloths off faster than I can stop her. 
Lunch on the beach!
We crammed a lot into a small amount of time.  We managed to hit the beach, shop downtown, see a little of the boardwalk, and have lunch on the beach before we hit the road again. 
Thank you so much Kim for letting us stay with you.  I can’t wait to come back and visit again! 
Anyone know of a must run race in SB?

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