Happy Friday!

I’ll admit it has not been a stellar parenting day on my part.  There may have been a back-to-back viewing of Rio by Sky so that I could pack all her stuff and cook a few meals for the trip. 

After that she spent a lot of time trying to entertain herself while I tried to tune out her noise and focus on getting everything ready to go tomorrow morning. 

I did take a lunch break in the sun, outside with her, so she could play and enjoy some time with Bishop.  She doesn’t know it, but she won’t see him for a little over two weeks! 

future soccer player? 
Love how vintage that hat looks.
I feel a little bad about how much entertain herself time she had today, but she has a fun filled few weeks ahead of her, with some of her favorite people.  The good news is we are all packed and ready to hit the road tomorrow morning! 
I don’t know how much blogging I will be doing, but will most likely be posting pics and quick updates on INSTAGRAM and/or Facebook. 
Fun fact…we are leaving WA and going to Washington, UT.   

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