Thankful Thursday

So glad this thing bloomed before we left on our trip.  I expect it will be gone by the time we are back.  I didn’t even know this plant had flowers on it!  That’s what happens when I buy plants based on the lowest price.  Every plant I have planted this year has been on clearance, and not always looking so happy.  So far they are all doing great and we were able to afford to plant all the flower boxes! 


I was pleasantly surprised that Sky did so well at her hair cut this time around.  Partly because Eleanor is amazing with her, and partly because I used Sprite Zero to bribe her.  I don’t usually approve of bribing, but sometimes it’s just necessary.  She even got a little fun color (don’t worry it washed out that evening in the bath) this time around. 

I’m most thankful for the fact that this last hair cut got rid of the length that got so tangled and caused Sky to scream and cry when I brushed her hair.  She still has PTS from it and cries when she sees the brush, but now that it’s shorter there is less to brush and it’s not nearly as tangled! 

I’m also thankful that I have several non-running days before my epic run Monday.  My legs have been cramping like crazy the last few days, so I’m focused on hydration and compression to make sure I’m ready!  So excited! 

What are you thankful for?  I would love to hear about it!

One thought on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I am so thankful, thankful beyond words that you get to run with someone whom you have so painfully missed for so many years. In spirit I will be with the two of you.


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