9 Years

Happy Anniversary to us!!! 

We tend to not make a big deal about the day we signed the dotted line. There was a card this morning and I’ll leave the mushy I love my husband so much stuff for the card.  I will say that I have been thankful every day for the last 13 years we have been together and the 9 of those that we have been married!  We have a pretty amazing life!

We got to do some early anniversary gift shopping with my Dad a few weeks ago.  We have been about 30% wanting and 70% needing a good cooler to use for camping and road trips.  We actually had to tape the lid on our old one, so maybe it really is a 100% need!  Thanks to Dad we got this! 


A cooler that is big enough, and insulated enough, to contain our whole refrigerator!  You can make almost any trip affordable if you don’t eat out every meal, and it’s way more healthy.  So, now that we have an awesome cooler that will keep things cold for days, I will be cooking all our meals on our upcoming road trip!

So nice to know we are eating healthy, Mark friendly, Sky approved food while traveling.  Road trips seem to be the one time most everyone, including me, feels like it’s ok to eat junk food.  While we will have a little bit of that I have healthy breakfast, lunch and dinners planned for us, so I won’t feel bad about the occasional treat.  🙂

I’m making sure there is room in there for a wine bottle or two! 

Thank you Dad!

Sky says she is going to pack everything she needs for our road trip in this…

…it does fit her water bottle and a few snacks along with diapers and wipes, so maybe she could get by for 6 days with just the backpack.  😉

Love my little girl with her little backpack.  Thank you to Grampy for being the one to finally get her to put it on.  She has had the thing for months now, carries it with her anytime we leave the house, but refused to wear it. 

Is it mean that I make her tote around her own diapers and wipes? 

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