Early Morning Run

I’m trying really hard to stay on schedule with the training runs even though I’m feeling the time crunch of getting ready for a two week vacation.  Part road trip to get there, and part time spent in a lovely condo in a fun to explore area.  Feels like I’m getting ready for two trips actually and it’s a bit stressful. 

But, even though it feels like I don’t have time to run it’s what helps keep me balanced. 

So, when a last minute opportunity to run early this morning came up I took it!  Even though I was not loving the early alarm it was once again a lovely run with Elya.  So nice to catch up with her over 5 miles!

Chambers is so pretty to run in the mornings!
I got a little running treat yesterday from one of my favorite running blogs!  Skinnyrunner.com sent me all of this…. (Edited to note that skinnyrunner.com no longer exists 1/14/14).

…after I didn’t win one of her contests.  There were several Jen’s that entered and when the winner was posted it just said Jen with no way to know which one.  I think she felt bad telling me I was the wrong one so she sent a little “sorry you lost” swag my way.  She totally didn’t have to do that, I wasn’t upset, but it sure was nice of her!.  Those socks are $50!  I would have been selfish and kept them for myself.  :0 

Stroller group run in the morning and then I’m done with “real life running”…bring on vacation running!!!  There is an epic run planned next week with someone I have been waiting years to run with!  It’s going to be so much fun I can hardly stand it!!! 

Sky pics from the last few days:

This one is just scary looking.  I was playing with some of the filters on my phone.

Watching Cars together.

We went to the city of Steilacoom’s city-wide garage sale day last weekend.  She was totally riding in style with her feet propped up, snacks, and drinks.  So many people stopped and commented on her sweet ride!  Totally a side note, but I got 3 awesome stainless steel pots for under $20! 

I also got this Saturday!!!  I love my Birchbox surprise every month!!!  I totally need a million of the foot wipes!!!

Love having a bunch of sample/travel size beauty products.  Makes packing for a trip so easy! 

Any tips for a 5 day road trip with a 2 year old?

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