Happy Friday!!!

Today was a good day, and it’s not even over yet!!! 

I don’t get to run with Mark very often.  Mostly because he runs during his lunch break, and because I have a crazy training schedule all summer.  But, today was one of those days that we got 3 miles in together!  I love hearing Sky say, “run, run Daddy” or “good running Daddy.”  She is such a good run supporter.

We even let her out during the cool down so she could run with us.  More like so she could outsprint us the length of the soccer field while yelling “run, run, run, run”.

Tomorrow morning Michelle and I take on 5 mile drive for a 6 mile run.  The next 1/2 is full of hills so we are doing all our long runs on hills.   

 Mid-run stretch.
Love the view!
I don’t run with my phone very often, so made sure to take some pics today since I had it with me.  I ran here way too much last year when I was training, so have been sort of avoiding Chambers.  After taking a break from Chambers it’s nice to be able to enjoy it again!  I have added to my list of running routes and make sure to rotate more so I don’t get bored or irritated. 
From the kitchen…my favorite treat and salad as of late…
White Chocolate PB with White Chocolate Chips…yummy!

Lettuce, strawberries, Trader Joe’s croutons, peppers, and balsamic dressing.
Sky’s not favorite thing to eat…

…sand.  She had a snack, but decided to go over to the sandbox and take a big old mouthful of sand.  She was TICKED OFF!!!  Best part is, she did it to herself, silly girl.  This pic was after she drank some water and splashed it on her face.  Her whole face was covered and it was in her teeth and just nasty. 
Bishop’s favorite thing to eat…
…whatever Sky will give him.  She loves to share all her food with him.  She will let him eat the whole bowl and then come ask me for more.  Those two are so cute together. 
I have been cooking a lot of new stuff, but always forget to take pictures.  So when they come back around for the 2nd time I will have better “from the kitchen” stuff to share. 
Have a great weekend, and if your running training/racing or otherwise get out there and have some fun! 


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