Good Run, Run Mommy

Am I the only one that wants to wear the race medal for days afterwards?  I’m just so satisfied (I hate to say proud because I’m not arrogant) with my effort and accomplishment that I kind of want everyone to know about it. 

I resist though, because that would make me an annoying runner, or more annoying than I already am.  I finally have enough race bling that I need to start thinking about what I’m actually going to do with them.  Store them/display or not display them in the house…more like display them/hide them at the same time in my closet somehow, donate them?  I mean if I can’t wear them without getting on peoples nerves what’s the point of having them?  

Got out for a what I thought would be a quick and easy short little run just to get my running legs under me again.  Oh man there was nothing quick or easy about it!  It was hard, and hot, and I was miserable the entire time.  For as hot as See Jane was I was way more drenched after today’s 2 miles than I was after 13 at See Jane.  Rivers of sweat running off me. Couldn’t get in a cool shower fast enough.

The best part was when I stopped to walk the last 10 yards to cool down Sky yelled out “Good run, run Mommy” with glee in her voice.  That sort of made the 2 miles of torcher worth it.

I always feel like a little pampering is in order after a big race, and thanks to Val I was all set to get a mani and pedi.  I started thinking about it though and realized that my manicures chip after 2 or 3 days and my pedicures are pointless with all the spray/powder and anti-blister stuff I put on my feet.  So, instead of going for a few days of pleasure I went for a whole years worth!!! 

I upgraded my Birchbox membership from month to month to the whole year!!!  I will get a box of high end beauty samples sent to me for an entire year, and will now earn bonus points for each box shipped.  At any time I can turn those points in to put them towards full-sized products that I like.  I’m so excited, and can now be pampered after every race!  Thank you Val for being so thoughtful!!! 

If you don’t know about Birchbox check them out HERE

A peak at the box I was sent last month…

Heat protecting leave in conditioning spray, foundation, self tanner, SPF moisturizer, body butter and instructions for how to use them all.

I talk a lot about running, but I’m girly too without being high maintenance.  Getting free samples of skin care products, make-up, beauty tools etc is perfect!  Not too much, but just enough for me to play with and remind myself to take the running shoes/cloths off and put on some make-up and a cute skirt and sandals.

The run aside it was actually a pretty great day spent playing outside and getting a few chores done around the house.  


She was so distracted by Daddy being silly behind her that she could hardly stay on the balance beam for more than a few seconds.  She loves being outside playing and loves it even more when Daddy plays too. 

Hard to believe that there are only a few weeks of summer left.  😦  Going to enjoy it as much as possible!!!


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