Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for lot’s of things:

-Sky held it together through a crazy morning of grocery shopping and a fill in checker that took way too long! 

-She likes watching car shows with Daddy and hanging out in his garage.
-It’s the 1st of the month = brand new contacts in my eye’s!
-Steak and wine for dinner!
-The stroller group and the amazing running ladies, and all their words of wisdom and advice for the race Sat! 
-An over full wine rack.
-Dishes are done and laundry is close to being done.
-Cooler weather.
-Sky and Bishop will play together for hours at a time.
-Having an organized closet and dresser.
-Sky singing in the car and trying to dance in her car seat.

-Avocado toast with miracle whip, sea salt, and pepper.

-Chocolate milk as coffee creamer.

-I’m registered for a Relay race next year with an awesome group of people!

-That I’m finally feeling optimistic and excited for Saturday’s race!

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