The Hot Side Of The State

You know it’s hot when the weather report says it’s going to cool down to 90 on Saturday!  Holy Moly Cow (Sky saying) that is hot, hot, hot!

Sky and I took a very last minute trip to E WA last week.  For some reason as soon as I make it over the pass and drop down into cowboy country all I want is a pair of cowgirl boots, a cowgirl hat and country music.  I NEVER listen to country music at home, but I get bit by the county bug big time when in E WA!  I so came home and added 3 or 4 pairs of boots to my wish list and still listening to country music too! 

Anyway we went over so my Dad could work on my hip and knee.  It’s not really my knee that hurts, it’s more like the pain from my leg drips down into my knee making it seem like I have a knee issue, but I really don’t.  He was nice enough (and his clients were nice enough) to clear his schedule Thursday so that we could spend the day with him and visit his chiropractor, who is a magician I think! 

I’m so thankful that my Dad has the talent, knowledge, and skill to help people feel better when they are hurting, and that he made a call to his chiropractor so they could talk about me over my back while I was being adjusted.  🙂  Probably the best adjustment ever because the massage therapist and the chiropractor were in the same room at the same time talking back and forth about all my issues in very technical terms.  But, I got a great adjustment and a great massage, even though it hurt like crazy.

My leg still has a twinge of pain going on, but it’s so much better than it was (actually woke up pain free this morning after running 8 miles last night!) and I can manage it with trigger pointing and foam rolling so much better now.  I just need to be a lot better about getting regular massages and adjustments.

It wasn’t all about me though…Sky had a blast! 

We stopped in Ellensburg going over and coming home to visit Grandma Jackie and give Sky a break from the car.  Playing with Grandma’s straw hat was a hit!

Movie time with Grandma Val, can you tell how much she likes movies?  In this case it was cartoons since I forgot her movies, but she was still excited.

Best part about car trips during nap time…she sleeps really well in the car. 

When we got to my Dad’s this pool was waiting for Sky!  She ran right through the house and jumped in fully clothed! 

She got to ride the cart through the entire store!

Swing time with Grandma Jackie.  We wore her out hitting 3 different stores until I found the perfect straw cowgirl hat!  I really wanted one for our trip to Utah…perfect camping hair cover and blocks the sun from my face!

Our trip ended with Sky and Daddy cuddled up watching Cinderella.  She was so happy to see him when we got home!
A big thank you to Dad for a last minute rearranging of schedules to not only work on me, but spend the day with Sky and I.  Also a big thank you to Val for rearranging your crazy busy schedule so you could be home early to spend time with us, and hosting Grandpa’s birthday dinner!  Thank you to Mom for letting us drop in on you coming and going, and for letting me wash my feet in your bathtub! 
Sky loves her grandparents and talks about all of you every day….I’m thankful she got to see the people she loves and spend some time with each of you!



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