adidas and Oiselle

Here is why it is making me crazy not to run right now…

Those would be the new adidas Energy Boost!!!  And it’s making me nuts to have them in my closet and not take them for a lovely little run. 

Why not just go for a quick little run?  Well because I just had what is easily the worst race of my life.  I felt like I may actually pass out cold before making it to the finish line.  I want to give my body time to recover, and mentally undo the blow my confidence as a runner took during that race.  I also consulted with a high mileage, back to back race runner, to get a training plan in place between race #1 and race #2.  I’m confident that if I stick to the plan I will be ready for 1/2 #2 in two weeks (yikes).  That plan calls for no running until Tuesday.  I have to wait until Tuesday….grrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t really need a new pair of running shoes, but volunteering with the store has it’s benefits, particularly when the adidas rep is willing to get me into a pair of these shoes!  I am so very thankful for the opportunities that have come my way as a result of coordinating a run group for Fleet Feet Tacoma!  It’s not all about the free swag either.  I love the staff and the stroller mom’s, and the run club members.  All the advice, friendships, and support…I just love it!!! 

I’ll be honest though the perks (and my #1 sponsor – Dad!) are what allow me to continue running/racing as much as I do on a single income.

I plan on doing a more in-depth Boost post after I have some miles on them, and am going to see if the rep will answer some questions as well.  But for now if you would like to know more about the absolute latest in running shoe technology, and why Boost is such a big deal check out THIS link and click on Boost.  You can also check out their other new Springblade technology as well. 

Another opportunity that I jumped on as a result of Fleet Feet is applying to be an Oiselle Ambassador.  Jenna, the store manage, is an ambassador and mentioned that Oiselle is taking new applications and I should turn one in.  I never, ever would have done this had she not suggested it.  The new team will be announced the end of the month. 

Why Oiselle you ask?  For one I love the clothing line.  It’s cute, comfortable and works well when running, doing yoga, walking, really for life!  But, I also like what they stand for.  Supporting both elite and non elite female athletes, specifically runners.  Check out their team manifesto HERE 

I have found through the stroller group that I love being able to encourage others to take a risk and run when they think all they can do is walk.  I love making suggestions on gear or shoes or bras and see them feel and look confident and happy.  Not having been pregnant myself I can only imagine how hard it is to get your groove back post baby and I love that I get to play a small part in that. 

I feel like Oiselle does that an a much larger scale for all the ladies out there.  No matter what pace or distance we run we are all just trying to be the best we can be in life and in running, and Oiselle wants to be part of that.  It doesn’t hurt they their cloths are so darn cute! 

You may remember I had an awesome customer service experience with Oiselle several months ago and that combined with their mission hooked me.  Even if I’m not picked as an ambassador I will continue to be a huge fan and will sport my Oiselle gear every chance I get.  I know they must get a ton of applications from much more runnerish ladies than I am, and much more connected as well.

Which brings me to Instagram.  That was one of the questions on the application…how connected are you?  I realized that if I want to spread the word about Oiselle the more I branch out the better.  I’m at a point in life that I’m trying to balance being connected enough without being connected too much.  Between the blog, FB, and Pinterest I’m about at the limit of what my non-mommy (i.e. nap time) time can support.  But, there are several photography and running blogs I follow that are big fans of Instagram, and a lot of my friends use is as well, so I thought why not.  Even if I’m not an ambassador I take pics every day with my phone.  Instagram lets me edit/filter them to make them look cool and artsy, plus it’s a quick way to share them on a feed with those that follow me.     

Enough about me and my running…cute Sky pic of the day…

Potty training.  We are on the slow track here.  But, even though I know nothing will happen when she asks to sit on the potty we let her.  One of these days something is bound to happen to get this girl out of diapers! 

Any fun weekend plans?  Anyone running?   

P.S. – From the kitchen will return.  I was derailed there for a few weeks, but have a ton of new recipes lined up the next couple of weeks.  There is bound to be something yummy to share. 

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