Sky Pics!

I know enough running talk already, but just a little bit more before I post some Sky pics. 

Ran with the Stroller Group this morning and felt pretty darn amazing!  My legs felt good, the knee hurt a little until I warmed up then it was all good.  Finish the last mile walking to accommodate everyone, and that was probably perfect so as not to overdue it.  So looking forward to getting a run in this weekend! 

Oh, speaking of pics you can now follow me on Instagram if you would like…you need an account though.  If you don’t want to bother most pics posted there will likely end up on the blog or my fb page anyway.  Here is the link if you are interested:

Ok, now for a few Sky pics…

Sharing with her bestie!

She LOVES when Bishop is paying attention to her, even if he wants her snack.

Mark’s socks look cute on her even with the crazy hair.  Sometimes a girl just has to run around like a wild child! 

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