Today did not go as planned at all.  The morning was ok, got my errands done, in particular got the tires rotated and balanced…for free!  I think it helps to have Sky with me when she is on her best most adorable behavior.  They guys at Discount Tire were smitten and thus the free balance! 

They also gave her a lollipop which she enjoyed very much! 

The car is ready to take us to Seattle tomorrow.  Oil changed, free car wash, tires rotated and balanced, CD changer loaded.  Michelle and I are going to have a fun comfortable drive tomorrow!

It all went downhill after that though.  Thanks to a stellar mommy moment I ended up popping her elbow out for her third case of nurse maid elbow.  She lost her mind, and didn’t recover very well even after it seemed to be back in place.

Nothing makes you feel like more of an a$$ than your baby looking at you with huge tears dripping of her cheeks and that look of how could you hurt me like that all while screaming and holding her arm.

To clear my name I wasn’t being mean.  We were walking in the front gate and I was trying to keep her from stepping on the cracks Mark had filled in.  The spackle stuff was wet and messy and just didn’t want her getting it on her shoes and tracking into the house.  She went one way, and I pulled the other, it wasn’t even violent or fast action. 

Thankfully her Dr. had an opening which I broke every speed limit to make only to have Sky start using her arm just fine as soon as we hit the waiting room.  I went ahead and had Dr. S take a look and all is well. 

Apparently she is a kiddo that has elbows that pop out pretty easy.  So we are no longer going to be swinging her between us and we need to be careful when she is playing not to let her hang from bars etc and pop her own elbows out.  She should outgrow it by age 3. 

Now time for pre-sleep stretching and trigger pointing.  Really hoping that I will magically wake up race morning pain free.  :-/

Regardless of pain or knee status I am so excited for the Expo and race day.  1/2 #2 here I come! 

Anyone else running/racing this weekend?


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