Abbreviated Adventure

Knee Update – I’m feeling a lot better about the knee today!  It’s still sore, but not as bad, and has moved to the usual spots that I expect to be sore.  I kind of feel like my legs were tired and rebelled the last week.  I looked back at my training log and my miles were almost doubling every week of the training cycle.  Even though I handled it way better this time around it still started feeling like a lot, even with the taper.  I’m going to keep doing more of the same, very targeted trigger pointing and foam rolling and rest.  I was even able to adjust my back and hips today by hanging from a monkey bar at the playground.  I have a 3 mile run with the stroller group Wednesday and then nothing until Sunday’s 1/2!   

While I’m sorry that Mark had to cut his trip short, I’m not sorry he is home for the rest of the week.  Sky loves nothing more than to have both of us home paying attention to her.  She was one happy little girl last night! 

Due to some welds breaking on the roof rack it became unsafe for them to continue on their adventure.  Since they were close enough to home to make it back before it got dark last night they left the back roads and came home.  Washington Discovery Route 1, Roof Rack 0. 

The truck ended up with a nice little dent on the back quarter panel and looks like the back fender will need replacing, but other than that the truck, and the guys, survived the adventure.  Even though they were only gone 3 days, from the pictures, it looks like that they saw some pretty vistas and had a great time winching the truck out of some sticky spots.

After a morning spent unpacking and pressure washing the mud off the truck Mark cleaned himself up and we headed out for a picnic in the apple orchard and play time at the park.

 Considering how many times she feel off this thing I’m surprised she didn’t bite her tongue off!
  She is so close to being able to swing her legs herself and lean back to help give herself some momentum.
I could tell yesterday that Sky was a little more needy than normal.  I was actually impressed she was handling Mark being gone so well, she is such a Daddy’s girl, but could tell it was starting to get to her.  She got the pouty lip and watery eyes every time she asked for him, and she would not go anywhere without her blanket.  When she wasn’t wearing it she was dragging it behind her.  It even ended up running through the sprinkler with her! 
 Livin On The Edge. Walk This Way.
 Working on her balance.  Would be easier if she didn’t have those boots on, but she insists on wearing them All. The. Time.

 It’s another hot day around here so will be spending the afternoon in the yard running through the sprinkler and drinking ice water!  Stay cool everyone! 

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