There are two things I look forward to when Mark is gone… 

1.  Snore free sleep!

2.  PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Papa Murphy’s to be exact.  It’s one of the few items I just don’t bring in the house when he is home.  Gluten and dairy free pizza sucks, so it’s just mean to eat it in front of him. 

Every time he is gone on a trip/long weekend I head to Papa Murphy’s the very first night and get a pizza that will last for two or three days.  I almost cried eating dinner tonight it was that good! 

YUMMY Herb Chicken Mediterranean deLITE!!!  Sky liked it too!
The other upside is even though I love to cook, I get a break from it when he is gone.  Sky and I are pretty easy to please, and when it’s hot neither one of us is that hungry anyway.  It’s a nice little break all the way around. 
We can’t wait for him to get back though.  We miss him when he’s gone! 
Thankfully the nice weather makes everything so much easier.  Sky is just so happy playing outside with Bishop that she hardly has time to realize Daddy isn’t around. 
 I think she thinks she is a rock climber!
Glasses as a headband, her new favorite thing to do with them. 

She slung the pillow from my yard chair on her backed and “hiked” around the yard with it like it’s a backpack.  Our little back-country hiker in training!
P.S. I already gave her a shout out on FB, but because I’m so darn proud of her I have to mention it here too!!!  My sister is now an official ULTRA RUNNER!  She did just over 41 miles in her 12 hour challenge Saturday!!!  I know it was hard but she got it done and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  And, her hubby too!  He did the 12 hour challenge as well, but I don’t know how many miles he got in.  Now they are both Ultra Runners!!!  

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