Glad When the 4th is OVER!

I really don’t enjoy the 4th very much.  Fireworks are legal in Lakewood and as a result start a week before and go for days after.  I’m so over hearing fireworks going off in the middle of the day, or better yet, in the middle of the night. 

OVER IT!!!  I may just have a post 4th of July BBQ to celebrate when it all stops! 

Thank goodness Sky slept through it last night.  I didn’t, but at least she did. 

Knee update: I worked it over last night.  I found a few trigger points in my hip, abs, and hamstring that eliminated the pain.  This evening it’s sore again, but nothing like it was yesterday.  That means no 8 mile run for me tomorrow.  I’m done running for the week, other than stroller group Wednesday, but am going to trigger point like crazy!  I’m feeling good though, mentally ready for the 1/2, and have a feeling that my knee is going to be just fine by Sunday!  

We are LOVING all the nice weather and getting tons of play time outside!  With plenty of cuddle with mommy in her chair time as well.  I mean how can I say no when she looks at me like that

Shout out to my sister and brother in law who are running The Brazen Racing Dirty Dozen tomorrow!  They have 12 hours to run a 3.37 mile trail loop as many times as possible.  Check it out HERE

Sounds like a fun yet challenging event.  I’m excited to see how they do!

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