Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for:

-Getting 5 miles in tonight and that my legs loosened up after 3.

-Sky has a 2 year molar half broken through and we had no idea.  Either teething doesn’t bother her or the amber necklace really is that good.  I vote for the necklace, because the first two teeth that came in (pre-necklace) were hellish for all involved. 

-I’m just really super over the top thankful that this is what my day was like today.  Well what most of my days are like actually.

 LOVE the sound of her laughter!

In the middle of playing with my phone and taking pics she just got tired and laid her head down.
Man, I love this littler girl so much and am so thankful she is what shapes each and every day of my life. 
-One last thing, also very thankful for an impromptu camping trip this weekend. 
-Oh, and one more one last thing…thank you Dad for making sure I get to enjoy the race expo!  I’m getting excited!

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