Ice Bath’s

I hate em and love em.  I have a genera rule that if I run 10+ it’s an automatic ice bath after.  Anything between 7 and 9 miles is negotiable depending on how my legs are feeling. 

After Michelle and I made a last minute decision to run 9 this morning, instead of tomorrow morning while camping, my legs are shot.  18 miles in 3 days…that is a lot for me! 

So it was ice bath time when I got home…

…so cold!  But my legs feel so much better after!  I think it’s sort of funny how long my legs look in this picture! 

I may or may not have been swearing while sitting there.  It felt extra, extra cold today.  But, it’s done, running is done for the weekend and now we get to enjoy hot weather up at the lake! 

No blogging or cell service where we are going.  Everyone have a great weekend, if your running take care of yourself in the heat and enjoy!!! 

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