Trust the Training!

I have to keep reminding myself to trust the training.  It’s been my mantra for Michelle…trust that if you stick to the training plan you will be ready for our 1/2.  My problem is last year I had an injury and after my 12 mile run I didn’t run again (for more than a mile or so at a time) until race day.

While I’m thrilled to be healthy this time around, I’m struggling with the idea of running 9 miles 2 weeks before and 8 miles 1 week before our race.  I didn’t run hardly at all the last 3 weeks last time.  I keep chanting in my head “trust the training” over and over again and again.  My legs are tired, I feel it (in a good way) after each run, so it’s making me a little scared.  But, I’m being really good about stretching, foam rolling, trigger pointing, icing…I’m taking the time to take care of myself, and that’s keeping me in the game! 

Today’s run was sort of nice.  I was the only runner for the Stroller Group today, so ran 4 miles just Sky and I.  She is the best because when the hills hit and I slowed down she yelled “go, go, go” and when I walked to cool down she yelled “run run, run run, run run”.  She just may end up being a running coach some day! 

Speaking of Sky…

Those eyes!

So dang happy to drink a little bit of sprite in her tower!

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