From The Kitchen

Yep, I skipped Thankful Thursday yesterday.  I have plenty to be thankful for, but was also very busy.  Sky and I ran errands/grocery shopped all day long.  She was a super trooper for sure!

My from the kitchen tip today is only purchase wine at stores that give you a discount!  We have had to change our wine purchasing habits since we became a single income home.  No we haven’t given it up, but I do only buy wine that is on sale and only from stores that give you a discount for buying multiples.  For example Safeway and FM both offer 10% off when purchasing 6 bottles at a time, so if you get 6 bottles that are on sale major score!!!  Our wine rack is currently overfull because of the major scores I made on wine the last few weeks! 

It doesn’t hurt that with al the training runs I don’t have many opportunities to drink.  Maybe I should always have a 1/2 to train for?   It certainly makes the wine last longer!

Sky’s from the kitchen tip…

I really have no idea why she made this face.  But I do know some day she is going to hate this blog and all the pics!

…eat out at the local taco truck!  She loves the $1 tacos and rice and beans!  I don’t love the resulting diaper, but she loves the food!

Shout out to everyone running the Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 tomorrow!!!  And, to anyone else running this weekend!

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