In Her Happy Place

I’m in my happy place…longest run of this cycle is Sunday!  Partly excited to get a long run in and partly excited to run in my new skirt/top.  They are super cute which is so important right?  I guess I do feel a little bit of pressure to look cute for See Jane, it’s all ladies!  The most critical creatures on earth!  Therefor I want to try and have a cute outfit to counterbalance the sweat and beat red face I run with. 

(Truth be told I’m sort of irritated about having a new outfit.  I really didn’t want to spend my money on that right now.  But, after finding that my skirts and shorts were not working well on the longer runs and I was having issues I have not had in the past I didn’t have much choice.  So I bit the bullet, ordered a skirt that fits, and because I was sort of dumb about it and got fun colors then had nothing to go with it.  I really mean nothing.  So had to get a top and socks.  I don’t mind clashing a little, but not as much as I would have with this skirt.  The upside is if it all works then I have my outfit for the rest of the races this summer!) 

Plus, I’m ready to bring on the taper!  It freaked me out last year, dialing down the running the weeks leading up to the half, but now that I know it works I’m so ready!  Ran more miles in two days this week than I did all of last week!  I feel great though, so the down time last week worked! 

Sky was in her happy place last night hanging out with Daddy…

Sorting nuts and bolt in the garage with Daddy!
Mark and I have had several conversations lately about how cool it was that I grew up on property in the woods with horses, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, cows (nest door) and plenty of room to run around and have fun.  Those conversation lead to how cool it would be to give that same experience to Sky.  I agree I would be fun to give that to her, but you know what…I think it’s pretty cool that she knows her way around Daddy’s garage and want’s to help him with his projects and yard work. 
Her heart is always leading her outside and if Mark is outside and she can “help” him even better.  That’s her happy place for sure!  And, maybe the park.  She loves the park and we can walk to one just down the street.  Oh, and camping…she loves camping.   Yep, not a bad way to grow up at all!

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