The Feet Of A Runner…

…are better off hidden in running shoes.  I will spare you all the pictures, but my summer sandal situation is not looking good.  My toe nails are literally disintegrating before my eyes, I have cracked bleeding spots, and while I love Tuf-Skin for the blister prevention it must take a magic wand to get the stuff off after a run!  I think there is months of it built up on my feet and it just will not come off. 

All of this for the girl who gives herself a foot soak and pedi every 2 weeks, has more nail polish than most salons, and a summer sandal wardrobe that is way more extensive than it should be considering we live in the PNW!   

I really thought that because I don’t run “crazy” distances like marathons or ultra’s that my feet would continue to be pretty, sandal ready year round feet.  But, I have found that frequency of running can be just as bad for your feet as distance.

And, yes I have the right shoes.  I’m very confident in my shoes and my socks, and even in the Tuf-Skin.  When you mix the sweat, foot powder and Tuf-Skin it just takes a toll on your feet no matter what.  😦 

Putting the sandals away and going with Toms and ballet flats should keep everyone’s eyes safe for the summer.  Actually I’ll be wearing my running shoes most of the summer with all the training going on!  I love it though.  Looking forward to 6 miles tonight! 

Since I won’t share a foot pic, how about a Sky pic instead?

 Yesterday’s Play Date.
Those two are so darn cute together!  Letting them walk on the sidewalk in the shopping center worked great until Sky lead Reagan astray by jumping from the curb into the parking lot.  Sky ended up locked in the stroller.  She just couldn’t resist the “I JUMP!” urge. 
A few more from camping that aren’t on Mark’s photo site…
 She has a Hydro Flask just lime Mommy and Daddy!  Pretty much how she looked then entire drive over and back.
 This is how she wakes up from naps.  Groggy and wanting to cuddle.
 Her spot in the trailer. 
That ledge used to have all our cute “welcome to our trailer” stuff.  But, now it’s Sky space. I don’t mind though because it works pretty perfectly!  We pull the table out and her travel crib fits in the empty spot.  We pile all the cushions for the bench seats on one side of the crib so it’s tall enough to change her diaper without killing our backs, and leave the other side open to put her toys and cloths.  We hang a curtain across the whole space at night to give her the sense of her own room/space.  It’s works pretty well.  This is actually the best camping trip we have had for her sleeping.  She made it through the night all three nights! 

Can’t wait to go back!

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