Thanful Thursday

I’m thankful to have such good running friends that they wait for me even when my alarm doesn’t go off and I end up being 45 minutes late!  I have a 15 minute window, after that I’m done waiting, so they were extra generous today! 

Because I was late we only had time for 5.68 miles, not the 11 I needed.  But, since my legs still feel way over tired, my good knee was acting up, I literally jumped out of bed and left the house with no food, or blister prevention I called it a day at 5.68. 

I really felt like I was “running compromised” the last few days and would be lucky to end up without an injury.

Sometimes knowing when to quit is just as important as knowing when to push.  I’m not worried about it, I know I can run 13.1, and have my 12 miler next weekend to get back on track. 

Now, it’s off to Winthrop for a long weekend of camping! 

Have a great weekend all!

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