A Post About Nothing Important

-Goodbye to an old friend.  I filled out the transfer of ownership papers and handed the key’s to the Kia over to Justina!

She passed her driving test with an almost perfect score!!!  It’s exciting to be able to hand the car off to her, and that she is excited about it.  It’s actually not a bad first car for a new driver.  It already has a dent, doesn’t go very fast, and not much $$ to fill it up.

-Summer sun-dress success!  I can’t tell you how hard it is for me to find a dress that fits.  Being curvy makes it almost impossible to find a dress that fits on top and isn’t way too big on the bottom.  Which is why I stick to skirts and tops.  But, even though I know it’s mission impossible I still try.  On a whim I popped into Old Navy weeks ago and scored big time! 

  Some of my non-running purchases.

You can’t really tell from this picture (yes I’m a lazy blog photographer…I just don’t have time to take the time to take good pictures!) but it’s navy blue, with little silver disks on it that look like mirrors.  It will be perfect for a summer BBQ, or drinks with the girls on one of the many decks along the waterfront. 

-After realizing that I can’t manage a 2 year old darting around or trying to fling herself out of my arms and keep my purse on my shoulder, or worse have to drop it and take off running after her, I decided I needed a smallish cross body bag.  One that only has my essential stuff in it so it wouldn’t hurt my shoulder, and so I can run after Sky easily.  It took a while but I found the above bag a few days ago, and it’s working perfectly.  Even better, Sky has decided she needs her own bag and is perfectly happy to carry her little diaper bag herself.  Score for me!  It’s pretty cute actually. 

-I’m also on a never ending mission for the perfect pair of sunglasses.  Something that is cute, that Mark likes (he has opinions about sunglasses!) yet doesn’t make my ears and head hurt because they are so dang snug.  I think the glasses will work. 

This is why I try to hold onto my spending money, so I can shop when I need/want to.  Thank you Dad! 

Oh, and yes I covered my face while take the picture on purpose…was fresh out of the shower and didn’t want to put the war paint on to try and look pretty for a picture.  🙂

Off to sleep so I can get up early and get 11 miles in before leaving for camping! 


One thought on “A Post About Nothing Important

  1. YOU LOOK GREAT. Smart of you to go to a full dress. Looks good. I sent Emma a graduation gift. I put Val down as return address so it really doesnt appear to be from me. I wish we could have been there. I love you Jen.


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