Happy Monday!

As a stay at home Mom sometimes every day feels like a Monday and sometimes every day feels like a lovely never ending weekend. 

Even though today started with a cool shower (water heater was not working, but Mark fixed it this evening!) it still felt like a lovely weekend day to Sky and I. 

We took our time having a yummy breakfast and I even had time for two cups of coffee!  We were super excited the sun was out since play dates are so much more fun in the sun.  Even though the clouds came out we still managed to get a lovely walk to Starbucks in with Jodi, Reagan, and Harrison, and still had time to play outside.  My legs felt great on the walk, not tired or sore at all!

I took advantage of the sun and not having much planned for the day to plant my “in memory of my grandparents pots” that have been sitting empty in the yard for longer than they should have. 

I was kind of waiting until I found the perfect pot for Grandma Jean, but I ended up going with the most cost effective option instead and used a pot we already had, and even got great bargains on the plants.  I know Grandma would appreciate that since she was the queen of garage sales! 

Grandpa Jack and Grandma Nore’s plants.

Grandma Jean’s plant.  Sky picked this one out.
I only went with one plant for Granma Jean because the pot I had to work with is small and I’m bad about overplanting.  I have my eye out for the perfect pot for her, I think it needs to be bright and turquoise with bright colorful flowers in it.  She would like that I think.  Pot’s and plants are expensive though, so it will have to wait until I can find what I want for a good price, something she would appreciate. 
After nap time Sky decided she wanted to work on her balancing.  She pulled all the balance beam stuff out herself and moved it around until it was how she wanted it then asked for my help putting it together.  Smart cookie! 

While she played I enjoyed relaxing in the yard with a book and my first issue of Food and Wine magazine. 
I don’t know who got me a gift subscription to Food and Wine, this is the second mystery subscription I have received the other one is Cook’s Illustrated, I love them both and Thank You whomever you are! 
It was really nice to have a easy relaxed day today after a hard race and busy weekend.  My body needed the break!

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