Sound 2 Narrows Recap

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  1:17 and change for my first 12K.
That’s me in the yellow shirt and Michelle in the blue right next to me.  Wow is all I can say.  It’s a hard course, some say the hardest road 12K in the state, and we did it!!!  I’m still so proud of us that I can hardly stand it.
Before I get to Michelle and I though I have to give a shout out to El.  She has had a goal time for this race, and over the last several years she has gotten faster and faster and closer and closer to her goal.  This was kind of it for her, she either hits her goal or accepts it’s just not going to happen.  Guess what…she totally knocked her goal out of the park!!!!!  I’m so proud of her and all the hard work she put in to surpassing her goal!   
While El was crossing the finish line Michelle and I were busy hill climbing.  Let me just say that yes it is a hard course, it’s all up or down hill, very little (if any) flat to give your legs a break either way.  Having said that I was so pleased with how strong I felt during the race and at the finish.    Based on all the gloom and doom I have heard about the end of the race I figured we would be clawing and crawling our way up the last hill(s) wishing we had never registered for the race.  
Again, it’s not easy, but it was easier than I thought it would be.  I don’t know if it was because we ran a warm up mile before the race, or if it’s because we run 5 Mile Drive for fun even when we aren’t training for anything.  Maybe it’s because I’m training so much better this time around thanks to hard lessons learned (and shared with Michelle) from last year, or because we hydrated at every station.  I suppose it could be because I had my Fleet Feet Run Club Shirt on, or my new shoes are magic, or because I had my BFF running with me.  All of the above maybe? 
I’m still on a runners high from Saturday!  Not only because it went well and we felt strong, but because I feel great today!  I remember last year everything from 8 miles up I felt miserable later that day and for a day or two after.  Could hardly walk and lot’s and lot’s of pain in my legs and feet.  This time around while my legs feel tired there is zero pain.  Nothing hurts in a bad way, it’s all just good old fashioned I ran hills for over an hour fatigue. 
While this was a race it was also a training run for our 1/2 and I learned a few things.  What not to eat the  night before!!!  That’s all I’m going to say about that.  And, I’m back to the drawing board with what skirt I’m going to wear race day.  The new skirt is super cute but after mile 4 it started rubbing in places that should not be rubbed.  All my other skirts are a little too big, or once I cross the 6 – 7 mile mark they start rubbing or the shorts underneath ride up too much.  So, now I either need to find a new one, or figure out which one is going to cause the least amount of discomfort/irritation during See Jane.  Big picture though, I’m injury free and would rather have to deal with adjusting my skirt every mile than deal with pain from oh lets say tendinitis in my foot (like last year).  It’s all a matter of perspective. 
Sky had a good weekend too…
Love her eyes peaking over the swing.  Girl loves to swing!


2 thoughts on “Sound 2 Narrows Recap

  1. thanks Tara! I have a Lulu skirt, wore it for my 1/2 last year, is too big. I still get away with it on shorter runs, but it's just not working very well because it's too big. If I for sure rule out the others I will probably order the Lulu skirt in the next size down since its easily my fave. the only draw back to running/training for a 1/2…cloths get too big faster than you can replace them.


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