Sound 2 Narrows 12K Tomorrow!

I’m excited for tomorrow.  Mostly because a new distance = an automatic PR not matter what.  Well, as long as I finish that is, which I don’t see why I wouldn’t.

Never mind that I am desperately regretting the P90X Yoga workout I did Thursday.  I even skipped lot’s and lot’s of stuff and took out all the pushups (too many pushups make my upper body so stiff when running) and hard leg stuff, and my hamstrings are still so sore I could cry.  The worst part is I’m not totally sure it’s I worked my muscles hard sore, or it’s I over stretched my hamstrings sore.  When they were doing hard stuff on the DVD I stretched my legs and really got deep into the stretches.  I just wanted a little bit of a workout with making myself too sore for race day.  😦 

And, never mind that I put too much chili sauce on my noodle bowl tonight and am pretty sure I will regret that at some point during the race tomorrow.  At least the bathrooms along 5 Mile Drive are open this time of year! 

Other than that I’m excited for tomorrow!  I was registered to do this race last year, but  missed it.  Since it was a death in the family the organizer was kind enough to comp my registration this year!  So, Michelle and I are using the 12K race as part of our 10 mile training run tomorrow. 

My mindset for training runs, especially longer ones that are new mileage for Michelle, is totally different than my mindset for a race.  I’m really going to have to remind myself that ultimately this is a straining run for our 1/2, and I need to pace like I plan on pacing for the 1/2.

I’m just glad Michelle decided to register for the race.  There are some nasty hills and it’s way easier to run hills when your best friend is right there with you!

So you don’t miss the From The Kitchen post I usually do on Friday’s here you go…


It really does work…after using the green part of green onions put the white part with roots still attached in water, let it catch some sun and soon you have new green onion growth.  I’m going to get a whole batch of these going and never buy green onions again! 
And, so you don’t miss your Sky pic fix….
Helping Daddy while he worked under the utility trailer.  She handed him tools and sorted all the bolts and stuff. 
Of course she had to get under there with him.  Thankfully Mark is extra careful and I was confident it was safe for both of them to be under there.
 From her play date today…her favorite thing is being chased behind the couch!  Selah (Elya’s youngest) was happy to oblige.   

Note that sharing her chair is NOT her favorite thing!  Sky – “Get her out of my chair right now!”  Selah – “Fat chance, I’m comfy and I’m not moving!”
They worked it out and had fun playing together.  Thank you Elya for letting Selah hang out with us! 
Enjoy your weekend and run fast if your racing!

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