Thankful Thursday

Things I’m thankful for today:

-I’m thankful that I have such awesome friends to run with, especially because I’m not a pretty runner. 

El, Elya, and Michelle in particular get the joy of running with me at my best, and at my worst! 

From little things like my face turning a scary shade of red and sounding like I’m taking my last breath when I try to talk while running.  To having to spit a lot (thank you chronic sinus issues), GI issues, randomly blurting out lyrics from whatever song is playing in my ear, to flailing shaking my arms out periodically.  It’s not always pretty, ok it’s never pretty, but we have fun, or at least I do.  They are probably counting the miles until every run is done! 

Thank you guys for putting up with me! 

-That Sky is a foodie!  She eats anything and everything we give her.  There are only two things I know she doesn’t like – cilantro and mushrooms.  Other than that she will eat anything from fish eyeballs to spicy salsa and curries, to…

…chicken bones.  She loves chicken and steak bones and will get every last little bit of meat off them.  She actually ended up cracking the bone open and trying to eat pieces of bone.  Our little cave girl! 

-The SUN!  We just don’t have this nice of weather this early around here.  So, we are making the most of it and spending as much time outside as possible! 

-This picture of Sky and Gentry…

…just hanging out having something cold to drink.  Playing in the yard it hard work!
-Sky and I have a day at home today.  No errands to run, and no running to be done.  I will sneak in some yoga during nap time, but we get to spend time in the sun playing and I get to get a few things around the house taken care of! 
-Oh, and I’m always thankful for Thursday morning breakfast!  Since I don’t run on Thursday’s I get to eat whatever I want for breakfast without worrying about having the runs while running.  Yep, I went there!  Bacon, eggs, and some strawberry honey Greek yogurt, kind of perfect!
Happy Thursday!  What are you thankful for? 

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