Play Time, Running Time, SUN Time!

It’s National Running Day!!!  What are your running plans? 

Sky and I have a new 3 mile route to lead the Stroller Group on this morning, it has one killer hill right at the end…not sure how that is going to go over, but we will see.  I always figure we can just stop and walk it, let’s not kill ourselves while pushing strollers!

It was a hot run last night…I’m not complaining though…bring on the sun, I would rather have sunny (play outside = happy Sky) days and hot runs than rain! 

Our 5 miles felt harder than I was expecting.  My legs were still pretty tired from the weekend.  All the walking around and chasing Sky at Relay on top of the 8 miles.  But, I’m still injury free and thankful for that.

I could tell my legs were not having it though because I was landing different on my right side, and have a sore spot that feels like a blister, but is more of an impact/pressure sore spot on my big toe.  It’s really hard in my new shoes to even land on my big toes, so I was really doing something wrong/different.  I tried to adjust but just couldn’t get my legs to do what I wanted them to.  But, we got it done. 

Next week is our last 5 mile Tuesday night run, we bump up to 6 and all our other runs during the week take a jump up as well.  I’m looking forward to it! 

In non-running news we have been busy playing around here. 

Sky and Reagan had missed play dates for a couple weeks so this Monday was a belated birthday gift exchange and long overdue play time! 

The girls have a lot of freedom at Jodi’s house because it’s all kiddo proof, so they get to roam around upstairs, downstairs etc.  Sky especially likes the stairs, because we don’t have any in our house so it’s a fun new thing for her.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon outside in the sun! 

No we don’t make her wear her bike helmet to slide.  She was riding her bike earlier and didn’t want to take the helmet off. 

She is getting good at the balance beam!!!  She was standing in the above picture waving her hand around saying balance, balance, balance. 

I’m looking forward to some time in the sun this afternoon reading my book with a glass of wine while she visit’s the grandparents!  LOVE the sun!

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