Weekend Update

Busy, busy weekend!  It started Friday night at Lakewood Relay For Life.  I guess I don’t have much to say about Relay, other than it was Relay.  We raised money, we walked, ran, and had fun.  I will admit I sort of felt out of the Relay spirit this year.  And, I think going home and missing some of the ceremonies leads to a bit of a disconnect.  I’m not complaining, it just felt different this year.

We did have lovely weather though, and Sky had a blast.  One of the things I love about the Lakewood Relay is that it’s small enough for the kids to run around and you don’t lose track of them.   

Bob & Kiera and Mark and Sky.  The girls wanted to hold hands around the track.

Hanging out at Relay.

I needed 8 miles this weekend for training and was able to get 3 of those miles in Saturday morning at Relay.  Track running is so boring, SO BORING!!!  But, the upside is it gives your body a break from pavement and it’s pretty mindless.  Don’t have to worry about cars, cracked sidewalks etc. 
After Relay was over I was able to meet Elya at her checkpoint for her last leg of Rainier to Ruston, a relay of a different sort!  It was a little over 5 miles so was perfect to help me round out my 8 miles for the day.
It started a little rough with knee deep mud puddles.  I will admit I was a little irritated about that because I was in my nice, less than a 100 miles on them, pretty road shoes.  Had I had my trail shoes on I wouldn’t have cared in the least.  I tried tiptoeing around them, but they took up the whole trail and I almost fell in completely because of the mud.  I knew the first little part was on a trail, but also knew the rest was pounding pavement, so went with the road shoes.  
Elya told me to climb the bank and go around on the road up above if I wanted, but there was no way I was going to let the pregnant runner forge ahead on her own when I’m supposed to be her run support.  So, I got over it, plunged in and had a blast!  I was a little worried about blisters with wet socks and shoes for the rest of the run, but Tuf-Skin did it’s job not even a hint of a blister!   
I had a blast running with Elya, no thanks to that leg of the race though.  It was hot with no shade, ugly industrial part of Fife and Tacoma, and I totally understand why Elya wanted company.  Even though that leg is an ugly one and not much fun to run, I love running with Elya and feel like the two of us can conquer any running challenge we take on together! 
It’s a different perspective too running in a support capacity for someone else.  I was paying so much attention to her and how she was breathing, did she need water or gel, and how hot/hilly it was that I didn’t have any time at all to think about any pain, discomfort, distain for the rout that I was having.  Easily the fastest 5 miles I have done, not pace wise, we walked the hills and kept her heart rate down since she is running for two, but in terms of it just seemed to go by really fast. 
I’m glad I had the opportunity to run with Elya, and hope I provided good support for her.  I’m excited for Rainier to Ruston next year!!!  I have been wanting to do a relay event and next year is the year, and R2R is the race!  The nice thing is I was sore after 8 miles, but not in pain!  I feel so much better this year in my training cycle than I did last year at this point in the training cycle!     
Today we got stuff done around the house and then hit Bob and the girls up for a BBQ this afternoon.  Yummy steak and play time in the yard and at the park with the Beckham girls = Sky not putting up a bedtime fight! 

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