Thankful Thursday

-I’m thankful it’s Thursday!  Thursday’s are non-running days which means I get to have wine with dinner Wednesday night and I get bacon and egg for breakfast Thursday morning.  Sky likes bacon and eggs so much I’m currently cooking a second egg and more bacon for her.

Thursday is also a day we usually don’t have plans.  I don’t mind if plans pop up, but I don’t usually schedule anything for Thursday’s, so we get to hang out at home and just chill. 

-It’s not raining, this very minute anyway.

-The swimwear saga has ended!  I tell you it is hard to find a cute, not too revealing, not too covered up, Sky proof two piece that doesn’t cost over $100!  Having curves doesn’t help at all either! 

I ordered one from Athleta, sucked up and spent over $100 on it thinking more money would mean better fit…wrong!  Sent it back.  Then decided to go the bargain basement route and went to Marshalls and got a one piece, but hated it when I tried it on again at home so took it back.

At this point I was pissed off and decide I just won’t ever swim again.  But, then I got an email from JCP about their current sale and after looking through the swimwear options found several on line that I liked, so went in yesterday tried them on and ended up with this…


The top is a new line, at least it’s new to me, Zero Exposure.  Cute, a little sexy, but no chance of anything popping out that shouldn’t.  The swim skirt is so dang cute on!  It’s an Ana bottom, but the two look really good together.  Best part is…$44 for both!  My #1 concern is holding Sky/playing with her in the pool and her inadvertently grabbing my top and yanking.  I love the cute little bikini of years past, but it just doesn’t work with a 2 year old climbing all over you. 
-I’m also thankful that I got such a good deal on the swimwear that I was able to get this cute little purse for summer travel for only $9.97!
Super simple black and white shinny fabric that is easy to clean with a damp cloth.  I don’t need another purse in the least, and have some lovely ones that have been given to me.  But I don’t like camping/traveling with my Coach or L.A.M.B. purses.  They are too nice and cost too much to ruin with campfire smell/ending up on the truck floor when road tripping etc.  So, this lovely little find could not be passed up.  It will be perfect for Utah! 
Best part is, one thing I look for in a purse is fun, contrasting fabric on the inside…

…black with hot pink for $9.97?!  SOLD!  Thank you Dad for the spending $$!  (Not done yet, waiting for the Athleta refund, and plan on getting some new summer running tops!)
-Super thankful to find out yesterday that Dad and Val will be here for my 2nd 1/2, which incidentally is the one I’m most worried about.  Knowing I have family and friends along the way/at the finis is what will keep me going! 
-Also thankful for crockpot meals!  I LOVE to cook, but sometimes just want something easy with minimal effort!
What are you thankful for today? 

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