Running Update

-Running in the sand is really f’ing hard!  Even on wet sand it’s still really f’ing hard!  Especially when wearing old running shoes, so the new ones don’t get sand in them, then is even more f’ing hard! 

But, we did it, and thankfully the only time the entire trip it didn’t rain was during our run. 

It was hard but don’t we look cute after 6 miles? 

-Got 5 miles in tonight with the run group, and had a sub 9 minutes first mile.  This chick don’t run sub 9…that is just crazy! 
After 5…we look happy to be done!
-I feel pretty great this time around.  By this point in the training cycle last year I was already having issues with my foot.  This time around I had issues to start with (different than last years issue), but know what to do to fix it!  I’m totally staying on top of all the potential issues with the foam roller and trigger point board.  I’m feeling pretty good so far! 
-Got these yellow compression socks to go with my yellow run club shirt.  Not an exact match, but good enough for me. 
Thank you Dad!
-The only big hitch in my Training/Half Fanatic/Running 3 1/2’s plan is good news actually.  Elya is pregnant!  So, after 1/2 #1 in July she is done with the races.  She will still run, but won’t be there for the long and or hot runs.  Oddly enough while we are both running See Jane, she is running with her friends and I’m running with Michelle, so we aren’t actually planning on running that one together…the only one she is still going to be able to do.   
What the means for me #1 is while I’m excited and happy for her, I’m sad to miss out on all the time we were going to spend together training for #2 and #3.  I was really looking forward to all the “Elya” time this summer. 
#2 is means I will be running #2 and #3 alone.  Sad panda.  She has offered to cheer from the sidelines though, and to be at one of the water stations for 1/2 #2 since it’s in August and I may very well need a 2nd pair of socks and shoes to make it through that one. 
The thing is I know I can run alone, I did it last year, and I will do it again this year, twice.  But, that doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to the alone part.  Especially since each of the races have specific spots I know I’m going to struggle with and am going to wish I had someone suffering right there next to me. 
So if anyone wants to run Tacoma Narrows 8/3 or the Soldier Run in GH 9/29 let me know!  Even if you only want to jump in for a few miles (especially the over the narrows bridge miles) let me know!  I would love the company!!! 
-Stroller Group in the morning…these “back-to-back” runs are getting harder and hard the further and faster we run Tuesday night!

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