Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for Camping!!!!  So is Sky! 


Mark had a crazy week at work, very not typical.  He never has to work late/weekends, but starting last Friday night he has been working late, worked all weekend, and getting up early to work some more.  Thankfully a lot of that happens from home since he can access everything from home.  It’s still work though, so we are all looking forward to getting away. 

I’m also thankful that Sky checked out 100% healthy today at her 2 year well child visit.  She is healthy and too dang smart for my good! 

On the running front Michelle and I have a distraction for our 6 mile run this weekend…running on the beach.  Pretty sure it’s going to be windy, wet, and cold, but it’s something different and sand is pretty soft so our bodies will enjoy the break from pavement.  

It’s funny to me that this is our long run for the week, yet I’m at a point that 6 miles isn’t long anymore.  10 and above is what I “stress” about and to think when this running thing first started 3 miles seemed like a mountain I would never reach the summit of.  My how things have changed! 

Whatever your plans are for the weekend running or otherwise enjoy the long weekend, and take a moment to remember those that have given their life for our freedom. 

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