2 Year’s Old!!!

I really can’t believe we have a two year old!  Actually I can when she is throwing a fit, she has had a few epic ones to be sure. 
But, even with a touch of the terrible two’s I love this little girl to pieces! 
I know I posted this one already, but it’s so Sky!
Her little heart is so full of love!  Love for her family and friends, sports, being outside, playing non stop, her books, and her Oh Boy (Bishop).
She is fearless jumping off anything she can climb up on, walking the edge of the retaining wall, running as fast and far from us at the park as she possible can, trusting that no matter how high she is and how much enthusiasm she puts into it when she flings herself at us we will catch her. 
Determined (a nice word for stubborn!!!) to do things her way and in her own time (particularly potty training!!!)  I know every two year old is stubborn, but when you add in all that sass it’s a challenging combination to be sure.  Hilarious sometimes, but challenging. 
I’m still in awe every day that this is my life.  We waited for what felt like such a long time for Sky to be part of our life that sometimes I look at her while she is playing and can hardly believe we have a little munchkin running around our house.  And not only that, but I get to be with her every day!  Not that I don’t need a break now and then, but I wouldn’t trade it!
I love living life through her eyes with all the joy and enthusiasm that she brings to whatever she does.  Every day is an adventure full of fun, smiles, laughter, mess, sassiness, hugs, kisses, high fives, pounds and love.  Lot’s and lot’s of love! 
I can’t wait to see how she grows and changes in the year to come!

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