TGIF From The Kitchen

I am glad the week is over!  Mostly because we are ending with Sky uninjured and seemingly back to normal, for the most part, with her leg. 

It was dicey Thursday though.  I popped her elbow out again while playing.  She reacted, but not as badly as the first time (which resulted in an ER trip).  So after hair cuts, and lunch with Daddy we headed home and I called Gentry to see if he could take a look. 

He said all was well and to give her some ibuprofen.  It took a bit for her to realize her arm wasn’t hurting as much and she could use it, but nothing like an enticing sandbox to play in to make her forget and use her arm to scoop sand into her bucket! 

I am so thankful I can just call Gentry when things are off with Sky.  For one I don’t panic or worry about her health at all, I can always run things by Gentry before going to the Dr. 

Nothing worse than an almost 2 year old with more energy than her little body can contain, but because her foot or arm “huts” can’t play and burn that energy off.  Fun for all to be sure.  :-/

She did get a birthday package today though.  While I was going to make her wait to open it she had other ideas and before I knew it had two gifts open and charging into the others. 

With her blinking cupcake necklace and hand-made slippers!  This was just a quick pic…I’ll get better ones in the next few days.  The slippers are adorable and really well made! 
She also got some cute cloths, a really great animal lacing activity that will help with dexterity, and a rubber ball.  And, I got matching slippers, and a Target gift card!  Totally felt spoiled.  Thank you Uncle Randy and Aunt Nancy!!!  Should have seen the look of anger when I took the cloths to remove the tags…she was ticked.  Those are her outfits, and hers alone! 
From the Kitchen (and the living room and the deck) I have been enjoying reading this cookbook! 
Christine won Master Chef season 3 (big competition with really hard challenges) and guess what…she is blind!  Her story is inspiring, her food is amazing, and the cookbook is beautiful! 
There is a personal story to go with every single recipe and the photo’s are just lovely.  I literally read it like it was a novel, and am so excited to start using some of the recipes.  It’s one of the few cookbooks I have that I can say out of the entire book there are maybe 3 recipes that I have zero interest or desire in making.   
I really want to lock myself in the kitchen and cook 8 hours a day for a week until I have made everything in the book, it’s that good! 
I can’t really lock myself in the kitchen though…for one thing it doesn’t have any doors, and I have training runs, Sky’s birthday party, and family visiting so the new recipes will have to wait a bit.
5 miles in the early morning.  Giving 5 mile drive a go.  I haven’t run it in a really long time, but have a 12K coming up there in a couple weeks so am taking it on in the morning with Michelle. 
Have a great weekend and happy running!    

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