Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for the advice I received from the stroller ladies yesterday…to put Sky’s pj’s on backwards. 

It worked!  Diaper stayed on and I didn’t have to strip the crib and do pee soaked laundry! 

Backwards PJ’s.
I’m also thankful for the cute adorable moments that more than make the frustrating ones worth it! 

Seriously, left her for all of 30 seconds and somehow sitting on the table with her shoes on is how it’s done.  But, with that smile it makes it hard to get mad!  Cute, adorable and frustrating all at the same time! 

I know it’s a crap pic, she is so far away you can’t even see her, but she is in Daddy’s chair with books in her lap reading them.  I love that she loves books!

When cute and adorable isn’t making it better…Margarita’s will!  Trader Joe’s margarita mix…the BOMB!!!!

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