It Was Bound To Happen Sometime…

Sky’s had to get her first x-ray today.  To be expected when raising a rough and tumble girl right? 

Don’t be alarmed, we are fairly confident there is nothing broken or fractured.  But, since she hurt herself almost a week ago she has varied between not walking at all, walking with a bad limp, turning her leg in severely when walking, and rolling her ankle all the time. 

Gentry has been keeping an eye on her and checking her regularly so we knew there was nothing emergent going on.  I was able to get her into the Dr. today, and while she feels like ibuprofen and time will take care of it, she ordered x-ray’s just to be sure. 

Sky was a champ, mostly because Daddy was there to distract her.

Drawing on the protective paper on the exam table.

Daddy wearing a paper and exam glove crown!

The look on her face is priceless!
Walking over to imaging…Pooh her trusty sidekick helps keep things calm.


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