Thankful Thursday

Did you know it’s teacher appreciation week?! 

Today I’m thankful for all the teachers out there.  Not only the ones I had personally in school, but to all those that have taught, are currently teaching, and plan on going into teaching in the future. 

I know you don’t do it for the money or the recognition.  You do it because you are passionate about helping others learn and grow.     

Thank you for giving so much or yourselves to others every day! 

Sky is thankful for her blanket…

…so much so that she insisted on wearing as a toga most of the morning. 

She is also very thankful for the electronic photo frame that Mark gave her, preloaded with pics of all her favorite people…

…I’m not kidding when I say she will sit and look at that thing for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.  That is a really long time in 2 year old life!  It’s great because she sits there while I’m working in the kitchen and talks to me about who is in each picture and describes what is going on.  She really likes the ones of herself sliding. 

Lastly I’m thankful that Sky is walking around, albeit with a limp and pain killers on board.  She hurt herself at the park the other night, and didn’t take more than a handful of steps all day yesterday.  It’s really hard to carry her around all day…she is so darn heavy!  Anyway, we gave her ibuprofen after dinner yesterday and after 20 minutes or so she was off and limp running.  Same story today, but at least she is getting around on her own!  Her limp is pretty darn cute.    

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