Run #1 Done!

It wasn’t pretty, but we got it done!  I felt great in the AM, but at some point my tummy decided it hated me and I was sick all afternoon.  I tried to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, but everything that went in, came right back out. 

I was not about to bail on the very first training run though.  Not a great way to inspire confidence in Michele right!  So, we ran, a pretty decent pace to, 9:30 ish for 3 miles.  Felt like crap when we got back to the store, dizzy etc.  Thankfully they have Nuun and saltines so I was ok after a glass of water spiked with Nuun and a cracker.  Thank you Liz for the hook up! 

On to run #2 this morning with the stroller group!  Loving the sun we are having, and that my tummy feels better! 

I meant to post this yesterday, but with not feeling well it didn’t happen.  Monday was play date with Reagan day, and it was also in the 80’s, which meant after our walk to Starbucks… 

The girls rode in the wagon together for the first time.  It went pretty well.  We may have left a snack trail down the sidewalk though.  It seemed to be entertaining to throw stuff out while we were walking. 
It was time to let them play in the yard….
Play in the yard time turned into naked play in the yard time.  I couldn’t get a “safe” pic of the two of them together without risking my phone taking a swim. 
I hope everyone is having lovely weather like we are.  Get out and enjoy it today!!!




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