New Running Skirt

New Running Skirt and new Fleet Feet Run Club Shirt!
Close-up of the print on the skirt.  Love all the distances and color! 
Thank you Dad for the new skirt!  Any time I’m given some spending money I try to hold on to some of it for those out of the blue things that I really need or want.  I knew I was volunteering at the TCM Race Expo, and knew there would be some great vendors.  So, last time he slipped me some just because money I held onto it so I could get something fun at the expo. 
This is a new brand for me, you can check out the link HERE 
I LOVE this skirt!  First, with all those colors it matches anything I put on, and I love that.  My compression socks don’t match my tops at all, but this skirt brings it all together.  Because matching is really important to having a good run!  🙂
The shorts underneath are longer than other running skirts, so there is zero leg rub and zero need for Glide.  The seams on the shorts are on the outside so they don’t rub your skin.  Makes them look inside out a little bit, but they are under the skirt so who cares! 
The great thing is for each print you can choose shorts, briefs, or bikini bottoms underneath.  Nice to have so many options to fit everyone’s preference!   
There are side pockets on each leg with velcro, so things like chap stick, id, car key are safe.
If anyone from Fleet Feet is reading please know that the run club shirts are awesome for running, the run club logo looks great on the yellow, and I appreciate Adidas sponsoring the shirts!  My comments about the color are strictly based on the fact that yellow makes me look like a corpse…it’s the single worst color for me to wear.  It’s nothing personal!   
Best part about the skirt, it makes the awful color of the run club shirt look good.  It’s really only awful because that shade of yellow makes me look like the walking dead, but it is good for visibility and it feels really, really good.  So, overall it’s a win. 
Thank you Dad…I knew the shirt was a bad color for me and was sort of dreading them being done at the printer, but having the awesome skirt to balance it out made it fun to get ready to run today!

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